Each of these tiles is completely handmade, no molds are used in the production. A slab is rolled out, the tile is cut and set aside to dry to the leather hard stage (nearly dry). The design is then sketched on the surface and slip trailed.

Slip trailing is the application of lines of liquid clay (slip) by using a fine-pointed dispenser. The thin lines, allow for the use of multiple colors in the glaze process.

2 x 3 Tiles $12 each
3 x 3 Tiles $18 each 3 x 4 Tiles $20 each
Slip Trail Brown-Eyed Susan Slip Trail Brown-Eyed Susan Slip Trail Brown-Eyed Susan      
Brown-Eyed Susan Brown-Eyed Susan Daisy      
3by4 Daffodil 3x4 Rose 3x4 rose White    
Daffodil Rose Rose      
4 x 4 Tiles $25 each 4x8 Tiles $40
Brown-Eyed Susan Daisy Tile Daisy Tile Poppy Tile    
Brown-Eyed Susan Daisy Daisy Poppy    
Daffodils Tile Daffodils Tile Tulips Tile Tulips Tile
Daffodils Daffodils Tulips Tulips    
6 x 6 Tiles $30 each
Coming Soon! Coming Soon! Coming Soon!      
Poppies Daffodils Tulips      


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