Mugs and Cups:

Our work is created on the potters wheel using a smooth textured mix of porcelain and stoneware clay. The piece is painted with black under glaze, then carved using the sgraffito method, a classic and labor intensive technique of scratching a design through the surface. The black underglaze is slowly scratched away, revealing a beautiful texture, the design, and the white clay underneath. For Ginkgo Edged items, the rim is icised to create the ginkgo leaf rim. No two items will ever be identical.


Ginkgo Bowl (Sgraffito Multi) $40   Pinecones Bowl(marigold) $65
Sea Turtle Bowl (Wasabi) $55   Multicolor Sea Turtle Bowl $75
Bird Bowl (maridold) $45   Sea Turtle Bowl (large Spring Green) $75
Gingko Bowl (marigold, black) $50   Ginkgo Bowl (ice)$50
Multicolor Sea Turtle Bowl $55   Pinecones Bowl(oilspot) $60
Aspen Bowl (Marigold) $25    

Ginkgo Edge Bowl $55

  Gingko Edge Bowl (fancy foot) $65
Rectangle Ginkgo Edge Bowl $85    


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